You can count on Johnson Septic Tank to perform the job up to code regardless of the conditions.  Whether you need residential septic tank pumping or commercial pumping our large truck and trained techs can get it completed.  For those clogged septic and sewer lines our high pressure jetter services will get it opened back up and flowing correctly.  New septic systems or existing system field line replacements Johnson septic tank has you covered.  No matter the drain field type rock and gravel, ez-flow or Infiltrator chambers we will handle it.


  • 20 plus years industrial construction experience

  • State licensed, bonded and insured

  • 24/7 emergency service available

  • Quality and professionalism are our highest priorities

  • Former certified inspector

  • Johnson septic has been serving the local areas for decades

  • Full service septic contractor can handle all you septic needs

  • Experienced pumping and field line technicians

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We’ll Take Care of all Your Residential and Commercial Septic Tank Needs

Personalized Professional Service Quality Guaranteed

Sewer Line Jetting

A method of cleaning out sewers and drain lines by using high-pressure water streams through specialized jetting nozzles to dislodge and clear obstructions, as well as perform regular maintenance to prevent sewage backups.

Septic Repairs

when septic and drain field piping failures or problems arise call Johnson septic tank. We will locate and replace the failed components. If your septic piping doesn't have a clean out between the tank and the home give us a call about adding one.

Grease Trap Pumping

Johnson Septic Tank services commercial pumping needs and grease trap pumping. Grease traps need to be pumped and cleaned at a more frequent rate than residential septic.

Pump Replacement and Maintenance

Some homes on sewer and some on septic systems will require a pump according to their design. Johnson septic tank can perform new installs and pump replacements. It is recommended to service and maintain these pump systems more frequently to prevent premature failure. We can handle this maintenance for you.

Septic Pumping

In routine residential septic tank pumping we will locate, dig and unseal the tank. Once unsealed we will rake or mix the contents and then pump the contents out and dispose of. Current state recommendations are to pump septic tanks every 3-5 years. Regular pumping will help prevent backup and overflows into your home.

New Septic Tanks/Field Lines

Johnson septic installs new septic systems and field line replacements at existing homes when the old drain field fails. We perform all septic tank and field line work to the LHD specs as specified on the permits.

Upgrade/ Modernize Old Tank Lids

Johnson Septic Tank can remove and dispose of your old style Septic tank lids or lid. The newer style septic tank lids have a riser and cover that is much easier to access and remove to inspect and service your septic system. The riser can be brought above ground level to clearly mark where your septic tank is located and help prevent unwanted traffic over the septic tank. Most broken septic tank lids are caused by vehicular traffic.

Welding Services

We offer onsite welding repair services and shop fabrication.

Quality & Professionalism
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